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CSL International Airport

Cabo San Lucas International Airport, your best option when flying to Los Cabos

We are a fully-equipped airport so that if you are just in transit or visiting, you will have a pleasant and smoothly-run experience.

Offering you:

  • International Flight Services
  • Night time operation. Just 10 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas. Closer only by boat.
  • 7000 x 150 ft runway, Control Tower, IFR VOR/DME and NDB approach and Departure Jeppesen Plates, Fuel
  • Marshalling, Parking, Blocks, Tie down, 3 Towing Lektros 40,000/75,000/120,000 pounds, GPU and Lavatory Cart
  • Av Gas 100 LL, Jet A fuel and Prist (over the wing and single point service). Ramp Services.
  • Platforms North 600,000 sq ft South 310,000 sq ft PCN 52.
  • Passenger terminal and FBO Lobby and full security 24/7